coming July ’24

Trouble in Censorville: The Far Right’s Assault on Public Education and the Teacher’s Who Are Fighting Back.

Edited by Nadine M. Kalin and Rebekah Modrak. Foreword by Jonathan Friedman, Director of Free Expression and Education Programs, PEN America.

296 pages, paperback, 5. 5 x 8.25″

ISBN: 978-1-964098-00-5

Public education in America is under assault from the far right: White supremacists opposed to a curriculum that teaches the enduring effects of anti-Black racism. Profiteers eager to divert taxpayer dollars into private schools. It’s all part of a well-funded, well-connected far-right campaign to destroy public education.

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Trouble in Censorville is an urgent bulletin from the teachers and librarians on the front lines of the war against reason that is sweeping our country. Their powerful testimony is enraging—these vicious attacks are not what they signed up for. But it’s also profoundly uplifting, a vision of courage, resistance, and grace under fire that is a model for us all in these dark times.

-Alison Bechdel,
Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic

An urgent and compelling battle cry against the insidious rise of censorship. Everyone who believes in freedom of expression should examine this text.

-Juno Dawson, This Book is Gay

An essential record of the often-invisible war on educators. Moving and inspiring, these stories are a reminder that teachers and librarians are on the front lines of the resistance against authoritarianism. We should join them.

-Annalee Newitz, Stories Are Weapons: Psychological Warfare and the American Mind

*100% of the profits from this book go to the teachers whose testimonies made Trouble in Censorville possible – a small contribution to the welfare of those whose courage cost well-being and an investment in their continuing activism.